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JetSet20 – Total Travel Freedom

New from Private Jet Charter, the JetSet20 Privilege Membership card really does give you the freedom to fly. Ready to go as and when you want, with transparent fixed fees, no ownership or maintenance costs, no hidden charges, no multi-year commitments, credit that never expires and refunds on unused airtime.

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Whether you fly for business or pleasure, you can now experience the full benefits of being an PJC JetSet20 member. It’s like owning your own fleet of private jets – without the financial commitment of purchasing or leasing. Fly when you want, wherever in the World you want, on a superior fleet of the latest generation jets. One phone call to us is all it takes.

How It Works

The JetSet20 card couldn’t be more simple. You purchase, in advance, a block of 20 hours’ private flights and you can choose to buy additional hours according to your needs. Use the hours as and when you want. We simply deduct the used hours from your credit balance at the agreed fixed hourly rates.

Pre-payment means no fund clearance delay, short notice booking and transparent pricing.


  • Guaranteed aircraft availability
  • No management fees
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees
  • No charges for aircraft positioning
  • Short notice bookings
  • 15% discount on qualifying return trips
  • Refunds made on existing balance funds at any time
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